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Disinformation Against Ukraine and the EU in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Europe, 
in cooperation with the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels,
is pleased to invite you to their online-webinar.





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Security & Defence

The War in Ukraine – Forgotten, but not Cold

Our Ukraine expert Beate Apelt and security expert Sebastian Vagt report on the Ukraine conflict, analyzing possible future scenarios



Europe is at war. This is often overlooked in view of the Corona pandemic and a recently renewed refugee crisis on the Greek-Turkish border. However, in eastern Ukraine, soldiers are still dying every week in an armed conflict that should have been resolved five years ago. A group of liberal defence experts has gathered a picture in Kyiv.

EU Affairs Human Rights & Rule of Law

Orbán’s Move Towards Putin

For the seventh time since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.



Hungary’s national conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is one of the most vocal critics of Western sanctions against Russia. The relationship between the two countries has a strong economic foundation, especially in the form of a gas supply contract. On the 30th of October Hungary and Russia signed several agreements on social security, sport and the economy during a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Budapest. According to Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, the consultations with Moscow did not jeopardise Hungary’s loyalty to its NATO and EU partners. How is the EU dealing with these split tendencies?

Election Monitor

Wahlausgang in Polen völlig ungewiss – neuen Liberalen könnte Einzug in Sejm gelingen

Wenn am kommenden Sonntag in Polen der Sejm (2. Kammer des polnischen Parlaments) gewählt wird, kann sich in Polen alles ändern, denn: Wie die Wahlen ausgehen ist zum ersten Mal seit Monaten völlig unklar. Kann die liberalkonservative Premierministerin Ewa Kopacz weiterregieren oder wird es durch einen Sieg der Nationalkonservativen (PiS) zu einem Rechtsruck kommen?

In allen aktuellen Umfragen liegt die nationalkonservative Partei Recht und Gerechtigkeit (PiS) von Oppositionsführer Jaroslaw Kaczynski vorn, doch in der Vergangenheit wichen die Umfrageergebnisse immer deutlich vom tatsächlichen Wahlergebnis ab. Und Totgesagte leben bekanntlich länger: die liberalkonservative Ewa Kopacz (Bürgerplattform PO), die wesentlich beliebter ist als die PiS-Spitzenkandidatin Beata Szydlo, könnte als Überraschungssiegerin hervor gehen. Bereits bei der Präsidentenwahl im Mai lagen die Demoskopen vollkommen daneben, als sie den Amtsinhaber Komorowski favorisierten.

Leftovers Review: Eastern Partnership

4Liberty Review

The first edition of the Review is dedicated  to the Eastern Partnership and offers a collection of articles written by experts and human rights activists from member states of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries.